• Old ridge cap removed ready for the iron to be cleaned & treated
  • New ridge cap and painted roof
  • Internal gutter with leaks .....
  • ... cleaned and applied with 2 thick coats of fibre reinforced bitumen & aluminum

Roof Repairs & Maintenance

Nine times out of ten we can save your roof
  • Roof & gutter cleaning
  • Building wash downs
  • Replacement of ridge caps and flashings
  • Gutter repairs, coatings and waterproof membranes
  • Moss & lichen treatments
  • Repairs to holes in roofing iron
  • Re-screw roofing iron

Don’t reroof until we have inspected your roof. Nine out of ten roofs we inspect can be repaired and coated. As long as your roof is not crunchy underfoot and the sheeting is fundamentally sound, chances are it can be saved. Ridge caps and flashings can be repaired or replaced, and the roof sheeting underneath can be cleaned and treated. Gutters and holes in the iron can be repaired.

If your roof gets a clean bill of health, keep it that way with an annual or bi-annual wash down and maintenance check, complete with remedial touch ups. We also offer this as an ongoing maintenance service after we have restored or coated you roof.

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