• Yes, Colorsteel rusts ...
  • Zincalume Rusts...
  • And we all know iron rusts...
  • Save it with our industrial protective coatings.

Industrial Roof Coatings

Our industrial protective coatings will help prevent roof leaks and extend the life of your roof. Do it now and in the mid to long term you will save money and your roof.

A stitch in time saves nine....and prevention is better than cure.

Up to 22 years before recoat ~ Tried and Proven since the 1950s

Our product gives you a layer of bitumen and aluminium. The bitumen, the bottom layer, adheres to the substrate, filling in any pores or crevices. The aluminium is the topmost layer of protection for the membrane, absorbing and diffusing the impact of sunlight, rain, hail and from treading underfoot.

Water will not penetrate our industrial protective coating. In fact, the bitumen layer has the characteristic of driving water out, and with the layer of aluminium creates a formidable waterproof membrane. Over time, it will not flake or peel. It just wears down until it’s time to recoat.

Compared with acrylic paints, our product gives a thicker, more solid and impervious coating with just as much flexibility, and is far more resistant to abrasion, weather, UV, industrial dirt, grime and chemicals. Acrylic paints, especially micaceous, will flake and peel with age.

In addition to iron, Colorsteel and Zincalume, we also have coatings for asbestos, concrete and butynol.

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