• Professional floor coatings
  • Diamond Grinding
  • Dust free grinding and floor preparation
  • Workshops, factories, shops, food industry.

Floor Coatings

Protect your concrete floor with a Premium Epoxy Floor Coating you could eat your lunch off - but more an ideal floor surface for areas subject to vehicle traffic, chemical spill and food & beverage preparation and manufacture.
  • Workshops & Garages
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Showrooms
  • Hangars
  • Food, wine & beverage industries
  • Protective wall coatings

With concrete floor coatings, proper preparation is critical for longevity and aesthetic finish. We have experts in concrete grinding, diamond grinding and shotblasting to prepare your floor with dust free, quiet and odourless processes. We also have epoxy mortars and fillers for concrete repairs and treatments. We can prepare your floor for coating, even if the concrete has flaking paint, is contaminated with oil, paints and glues, or has small craters and hollows.

Formulated here in New Zealand from the latest resin technology, our two-pack solvent free epoxy will give you an incredibly tough and long lasting floor coating, with outstanding adhesion, and resistance to chemicals and heavy impact.  

Non-toxic and solvent free. Choose a gloss or semi-gloss finish from our range of colours.

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